Thursday, May 29, 2014

Good Morning! It is morning here in New York, and I will present you with a new manicure.  For today’s manicure I only used one color and it is from Essie called Midnight Cami. This is also another polish I recently bought and wanted to try. The polish is this really nice dark blue, that has some shimmer in the polish. The tutorial for the design on my fourth finger is from the youtuber Arcadia Nail Art and I will post a link the tutorial here ( .



I hope you get to try this out and thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hello! The first lipstick I will talk about today is a Nyx lipstick. The shade you will see below is #569 Snow white. Sorry, about the picture. This lipstick is this really deep red, with blue tones. I used this color a lot during the winter. I really like this lipstick, the color makes your teeth look whiter. The color of the lipstick is very pigmented, you might only need to apply it once on your lips. According to the Nyx cosmetics website the lipstick is four dollars. It is not a matte finish, it is more of a cream finish. I don’t think there are any bad features about this lipstick.

Thank you for stopping by! There will be more lipstick and nail polish reviews and posts coming soon!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hello again! I am back (two posts in a row)! I realize that I do not do much posting about lip products, and that is why over the next few weeks I will be swatching and reviewing some of the few lipsticks I own. I will show a picture below of the back of my hand filled with swatches of the different lipsticks that I use.

I also will start my lipgloss collection as well after the lipsticks swatches and reviews. Thank you for stopping by!

Hi everyone! I am finally finished with finals and it is the start of vacation for me. Now I have more time to give full blog posts and reviews. Today’s manicure features another new essie I purchased, and it is Essie’s Berry Naughty. This color is not new, however I really wanted to try it. The design on my ring finger was inspired by a youtuber with the user name Love4Nails. I really like her channel and her nail designs. This color reminds me of a vampire, however it is also a nice elegant color anyone can use.

I am trying to create a small surprise for those that are visiting my blog every time I post.  Thank you very much for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Hi everyone! I recently bought some new essie polishes that I will be swatching over the next week or two. Today’s manicure features one of them and it is Essie: Fifth Avenue. This polish is actually more red in real life but in the photos they look orange, I think it is partially because of my lightning and that I put white polish underneath (except for my fourth finger).  I am not a huge fan of Essie polishes, some of them are a bit streaky such as Essie: Good as Gold. However, this polish was different, I really like the color and how it looks with my skin tone. I think that anyone can actually pull this color off despite their skin tone.

I decided to pimp my nails (as usual) and just applied some gold studs and small gold beads.

I decided to try this color because I thought it would be a nice color for summer. Thank you for reading and stopping by!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hi again! Sorry I have not been posting, my finals are still on their way. This will be a short post today because I still do not have a specific design I would like to try. Today’s manicure uses only Revlon-Rain Forest and white acrylic paint. I tried to do some spiral design that I saw on youtube from cutenails, but it did not come out exactly how I planned (but I tried.)


On the next post, I will try to have a better manicure, Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hello! So here in N.Y. I am almost done with school and all I have left are finals; and then summer! So I was not sure of what to do, so I decided to try a gradient glitter manicure. I was not sure if it would turn out too well, but I think it came out alright? I also got to try out two new polishes that I bought.  Sally Hansen came out with a new part of their collection, called Triple Shine, a while ago, and I saw these on sale so I decided to try them out.  The first color I have and using for the manicure is 360-Sparkling Water, it is a teal/ green duochrome polish with a hint of purple when the polish is held to the light. The second color is 380-Wavy Blue, it is a really nice dark blue polish with also a hint of purple when the polish is held to the light. So far, I really like the formula, for me it took two coats for color to cover the nail.

That is it for today and thank you for stopping by!

Monday, May 5, 2014

Hey! I am coming today with a very naked manicure. (lol) No, today’s manicure was based off of a weekly challenge or theme. The theme this week was nude nails. This challenge gave me the opportunity to test out a Revlon Nail Art: Expressionist in the color-330 Silhouette.  I am not sure if the color is a true nude, but it was a little close. The polish has two sides to it. On the first side you have the regular shaped brush, and there is the number 1, pointing to that side; so you would use that side and paint the polish or the base color. After that, you have side two that has a thin brush for nail art. I have been a huge fan of Revlon polishes, they are easy to apply and the color selection is really nice, and I was really satisfied with this product. I will be posting more nail art using the other colors I have. The manicure I did, was just a simple French manicure.

That is all for this post, and Thank you for stopping by!

Friday, May 2, 2014

Hey, Everyone! It is finally friday! (Yay!) Today’s post is once again short, because I am at a block ( I guess) . I am not sure of what I want to do for my nails, so for today’s manicure I just painted Sally Hansen-520 Jungle Gem  on my nails. After that I just applied silver studs, then applied a top coat. So, I would like to ask if you have a specific design you would like me to do, just comment below and I will do it as soon as I can.

Thank you for stopping by and I will try to write more in my next post!