Monday, June 16, 2014

Hi! How are you? Today’s manicure is an arabesque design. I used a regular light pink polish as my base color and I also used a new nail art pen that I recently purchased. The tutorial for the design is found on youtube from lulu’s nail art designs. This was more of a practice design, I am trying to work on it some more. I also finally got to use the teardrop shaped nail gem in this manicure and I will use it in some more future manicures.

Sorry that the pictures are not clear and today's post was short, however I do have some more manicures to share with you. Thank you for stopping by!

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Hello! Sorry for posting so late. Yesterday was my little sister’s birthday, so it was a bad time to post. But anyway today’s manicure is a simple one. I used a new polish from the brand Milani. This is my first time to purchase a nail polish from them, and I must purchase more after using it. The color you will see today is called Gold Violetta. It is a pink polish with gold shimmer in it. I really like the polish from Milani, it is not streaky, the color only needed two coats and the price of the polish is very good. This color reminds me of pink lemonade and summer. I just used a small gold stud at the base of my nail to finish off the manicure.


I hope you can see the small flecks of gold shimmer in the polish. Thank you for stopping by!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hi, I hope you are enjoying the weekend! I have another manicure to show you today. Today’s manicure was inspired by a cup. My mother owns a white mug with silver polka dots. I wanted to try to remake that design on my nails. I also wanted to practice making dots on my nails using a dotting tool. I am not very good at using the tool, this manicure was more of a practice manicure for me. For the manicure you only need a regular white polish as the base, and then any silver polish of your choice.

This is my Mom’s cup.

These are the nails.

This post is a bit random, but I just wanted to try this kind of manicure. I hope you do like it and thank you for stopping by!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Hey! I am back with a new manicure. For today’s manicure I used only two nail polish colors. The first color I used was from Sinful Colors in number 313: Pink Forever. I used this color as the base color for this manicure. The second nail polish I used was gold holo, but chunky glitter from Klean Color in Almost Good as Gold. You will see both bottles on the bottom. I would like to offer a quick tip when applying chunky glitters that I heard about from instagram, is first you should use a makeup sponge when applying chunky glitters. You have more control on where you would like to place your glitters and it will not ruin your base color. My fourth finger was inspired from another nail tutorial from youtuber: Kirakiranail.

I hope you liked today’s manicure. I wanted to do something more Spring like, before the summer begins. Thank you for stopping by!

Monday, June 2, 2014

Hello! I am back with another post about lip product today. I was supposed to talk about some other lipsticks but I am going to take a quick detour from that and talk about some new lip glosses I bought on sale from Hard Candy.  This is the description that the have on their site,”Imagine your lips…in 3D! Our super shiny lip color amplifies the shape of your lips with 3D pearls that create the illusion of depth and volume resulting in fuller, curvaceous lips. This triple duty lip color hydrates, fills and magnifies lips without feeling sticky or tacky. Lip Def can be worn alone or layered on top of your favorite Hard Candy lip products.”  According to the website there are twelve different shades and I have six of them. They are six dollars each and they all come with an angled applicator, which will be shown below. First, I will talk about what I like in general about the products together. It smells like licorice, it can be worn on its own or on top of a lipstick and it is not very sticky. The pigmentation of the lipgloss depends on the color you buy. Some of the down sides to this lipgloss is that it is not long wearing maybe one or two hours then you might have to reapply and maybe you might not like the smell of red licorice. Next I will show each of the glosses individually and then I will swatch them on my hand.

This is what the applicator looks like.

The first one is called Superficial, it is a really nice light pink gloss, it is slightly sheer but it very natural looking. This gloss also has pink, purple, and peach colored glitters inside it.


The next on is called Rated R, this one is also sheer, it has more purple and blue glitter inside the gloss.

The next one is called Bashful, it is a really light nude gloss, it has more color to it than the first two glosses.
This one is not one of my favorites, but it still is a nice color to wear.

The fourth one is called Midnight Stroll, it is a purple gloss, it is very pigmented and I suggest this for people who really like purple lips.


The fifth one is my second favorite and it is Red Stiletto, it is this really vibrant red lipgloss that can be used on top of a lot of red lipsticks.

The last one I want to show is my favorite out of all of them and it is Plum Show, it is a really nice berry color that is very pigmented.

This was a long post, but my next post will be about a new manicure, thank you for reading and stopping by!